First Timer Flying with KLM

“Come to Rome and find the cheapest tickets!”, shouted my sister over this whatsapp messaging that makes me shocked. Yes, we have talked about me and parents visiting her and husband but at this short notice? It was totally confusing for me.
It was almost midnight in Jakarta when she ordered so that I google here and there and found out that KLM was on special offer that would end just for another one day. I searched for the date while she did the same in Rome. We kept communicating thru whatsapp. When the date was fixed, the problem was that my credit card was not sufficient for buying 3 tickets that cost us $ 2721.
The next day I went to KLM office in Summitmas Jakarta with such different design compared to other airlines’ offices that made me wondered. Anyhow, the assistance was great. The woman was helpful specially when this $ 21 need to be paid in cash or bank transfer.
Less than two weeks later, I was in the plane flying from Jakarta to Amsterdam then Amsterdam to Rome with 9 hours transit time (yeah, for any less than 9 hours transit time, we had to pay more)! It was not a big matter since our last visit there was 19 years ago,lol.
Jakarta – Amsterdam
It is a 1 stop flight in Kuala Lumpur where we have to disembark for refueling, cleaning and catering. Good news is that we can just leave our luggage in the overhead compartment.
It takes 12 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam. Geez. This is totally hard. It was tiring. I who mostly slept, felt that i had slept more than enough. The flight serves 2 hot meals during this 12 hours where in between snacks are available in the galley.
The snacks are varieties of Dutch’s products from biscuit, candy, and chips (as I remembered). Taking those snacks meant it was time for me to stand up and having chit chat with the flight attendants to kill my time from being bored.
It was a night flight even after we reached Amsterdam around 6 am. So, it was time  for us as Muslims to pray. As i have read before, there is a meditation room in Schiphol but really , I am not good in remembering places. So i asked a KLM ground staff for its location and if it is open. Anyway, those KLM’s ground staff roaming around in the airport are such a big help. They are mostly kind and helpful.
We exited through gate E and this meditation room is in the gate F. It is just nearby and it is open. Many Muslims performed their fajr praying there. The ablution area is in the toilet downstairs. It is not a special place for ablution but it is ok since we are not in the Islamic countries.
Meditation room is a place for any religions to have quite some times if they want to perform their ritual. There are mattress for Muslims who pray, books of any religions and priest on duty during working hours. The place is big enough with some chairs and tables. It is a neat and clean room.
Then after the sun showed up, we roamed around Amsterdam central for few hours before continuing our flight to Rome with Alitalia. Since this trip was considered as domestic (yes, the passport was stamped only when we exited in Amsterdam), it was only security control we need to pass.
I found out that there was no meditation room within this C gate. Yeah, it was another praying time for Muslims. If i want to pray, I had to go to gate F and meaning is we had to go through the passport control and it was kind of impossible for them to let us in just for praying reason – told the KLM’s ground staff.
Yeah, this is Europe! But Schiphol is a big hub! This small thing should be considered to spare a small room (even it is only tiny) so that Muslims can easily pray in an easily reach area. Well, at the end, we prayed sitting overlook the ramp with the crowd of people around.
Rome – Jakarta
Lucky enough, there was this choice of KLM from Rome to Amsterdam. I am not gonna compare Alitalia to KLM – Europeans know well how their airline is,J
So, it is a 2 hour flight with sandwich served first then stroopwafel. Yeah!!! I love stroopwafel. The sandwich was with vegetable and sandwich is sandwich. Hehe.
Another 5 hours transit time in Amsterdam but it was not a big deal. Schiphol is too huge to explore. You can find everything here. My advise is  go to HEMA store for buying anything. They have lots of biscuits’ types and also stroopwafel with such reasonable price and great taste!
The flight to Jakarta is also with transit in Kuala Lumpur. It is just almost the same with the flight taking me to Amsterdam.
On ground
With 1 luggage of 23kg maximum is kind of difficult for me. But hey, it is the airline policy. I wish they change it to 2-3 luggage , if possible (you know, woman would never have enough things!).
Service on board
Hot/cold towels each time before the meal service
Ear phone
Drink services before the first hot meal
Duty free goods
Flight attendants and ground staffs are mostly kind and helpful.  No complaints about them.
Entertainment system is just okay. I mostly sleep during short or long flight. 
No USB connector
Seat (the regular one) is also okay. I am just happy with the width and space for my leg
I wish there is this kit with socks or anything to remind me of KLM
There are no more choices if you are served last.
Catering from Kuala Lumpur is better than from Amsterdam in term of taste
Perhaps, desserts of something represents Holland is better. I could say desserts from Kuala Lumpur and Amsterdam are quite disappointing
Flow of service is kind of confusing. I don’t know if the aircraft type was the same from CGK-AMS and AMS-CGK but i just remembered that the flow of service was different.
How would i recommend KLM?
I’d strongly recommend in term when there is special offer. There are lots of rooms for improvement for the airline itself. I truly happy with the humbleness of each people working under KLM’s flag. Way to go and looking forward to flying with KLM in the future. Danke Well...
Yunika Umar
2 Oct 2014         KLM 810             CGK – AMS
29 Oct 2014      KLM 1602           FCO – AMS
29 Oct 2014      KLM 809             AMS - CGK

Just after landing in Schiphol Airport

My first meal from AMS - KUL

Parents' first meal from AMS - KUL

Breakfast from AMS - KUL


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