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You are not old, you are just not interested to do it!

"I don't think I can run for 10 kilometres", says someone in her 40's, adding that, "I am too old for that." I smiled hearing the person. I did not have the power to argue. Better to stay off the convo because pushing someone over something they did not want to do is just a waste of time. It needs something from herself to change for the better. I am 45 years old and I still ride a bike for 20 kilometers with excitement. If only the weather is cooler, 60 kilometers won't be a problem!  Yes! I started riding a bike 2 years ago. Yes, I rode a bike when I was a kid but then I lost interest for no reason. When my husband asked me to ride again, meaning I have to get the bike for myself since he has already own one.. It wasn't easy at the beginning since I have knees problems (even until now). I wore knee supports till one day I forgot to wear ones, realizing my knees were just fine. Riding a bike has been our weekly exercising. Usually we ride on wee

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