Writing About Love is Always Fun

True love is the love from your parents..
Call me weird by saying this. Or perhaps I haven’t found the love from my soul mate.
But face it, only parents who don’t see your physical appearance.
Only parents who will accept you in bad or good
Only parents who will support you when you are down
Only parents who see positivity in our negativity
Only parents who never envy at you of being success
Only parents who cry when their kids are sad
Perhaps I have been hyperbolic here; perhaps my parents are the best
They would never say I am wrong when I know I am wrong. That does not spoil me, indeed, I can correct them. Making me feel temporarily happy is not the solution.
The way I am now is thankfully because how they teach me to respect others. I believe how I put others above my own self is just because of them.
If I get all the affection from them, do I still need a man to love and be loved? Yes of course but if only he can manage to be 50% of my parents, I assume.
I don’t ask for much. Just love me for who I am, with my randomness and all the negativity inside me.it is not too much, is it? Hoho ho..
And in return, I will love him more than he loves me. Perhaps somehow I don’t show how I love someone, but believe me, once you are in my radar, you would never think how far I can go if you let me down. Wait, I am not saying that I would do such bad things.
My saying is, you can let me down. I will get angry, I will forgive you but I would never want to know you for the rest of my life. Even if you are once within my radar, deleting it – is a not a big problem.
People do change. I also change. Expecting love to be truly is perhaps difficult but we can always try.
As my previous post… true love between man and woman does exist. I believe in that but may be the moment is not yet to come.
Love is not something you can push towards others. You can try to show how much you love but when there is no response, you can either go forward or re-think if your affection is worth enough to be fought.
Love is not something you can grab and take it with you.. Love needs understanding. This is what becomes difficult these days when people just need to be understood but nowhere want to understand others.
For those who have found the love of your life, congratulation. Don;t you ever let it loose,:)


  1. Read this again.. and again...
    " For those who have found the love of your life, congratulation. Don't you ever let it loose :) "

    and wondering of my soulmate.... try so hard passed the years come....
    *suddenly wify"

    1. puk puk mbak tanti... lucky you to have him, such a guy with patience, lots of patience,:)

  2. Replies
    1. aku penasaran, ada apakah antara cumi dan cinta?:))


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