When One Feels Failed

Have you ever failed in something? I did! Many times.
After quite some time, I learn to be happy with my failures. I laugh at my failures. Failures what make me what I am right now.
I am not trying to be self-centered here. But face it, failure does hurt, indeed.
The latest failure I had, just yesterday. Well, I accept a task with good fortune but somehow it turns out to be difficult.  I return the task doing like 20% of it only.
 I felt shy. Really, that was not me. I always finish what I do. Serving others who pay me is somehow my highest priority. I am not someone who does things perfectly but I always do my best. If you don’t see me doing something good, let me know. Perhaps I haven’t maximized my brain in it.
So I was upset. I told myself that I would never accept such task in the future. Enough is enough. But I feel something challenged me. I would surely finish that task.
After an hour or so, I receive a message from the person who hires me, giving me the second chance to finish the task. I was shocked.
So, here I am now, with the sinus attack trying to finish the task. It is difficult, indeed, up till now but I manage to do it. Something challenging always makes me awake.
Let’s be clear here, what one usually do when he/she fails?
  • Saying good bye and never ever want to see that thing ever again
  • Moving forward, facing it with big guts.

It is up to you if you want to face or deny it. Every option comes with its consequences. There is no such thing as right or wrong. We cannot push someone who does not like to be challenged to just moving forward.
If you find your close one who prefers to forget the failure, respect them.  Some people are not proud for any negativity, while some are awake from negativity.
I have done my failures and cannot wait to welcome more of them. Just believe in yourselves. Life without failure is so un-cool,J


  1. Yang sabar yaaaaa ... ikhlassss, kalo ketemu lagi yaaa senyum yg manis :-)


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