True Love Does Exist...

Hey There,

This is just another random post about love.

I believe every couples have their own story. None seems to be the same.

As much as I believe that God has chosen who is going to be our soul mate - which unfortunately till this moment I have no idea who he is. 

But just now I read a story here,, how a couple married for 34 years then separated by cancer , both of them had cancer with different type. The husband died a year before the wife. 

Another story  that amuses me, from my sister's in law is, they are now around 77 - 78 years old. The husband has been falling in love since they first met when they were 17 years old then they became neighbor and now is reaching 52 years in marriage.  

How my grandma survives 52 or 53 years being a widow in her 30's is another inspiration. What makes me laugh each time i remember how they met, strangely , my late grandpa was about to get engaged with a woman when he saw my granny, instead , he proposed her. This has been my topic each time my granny and I talked. 

Nevertheless, my parents' story is also incredible. How my Mom sent a letter to my father, thousands kilometers from she lived by asking someone to deliver it. 

Well.. true love does exist though. It is only a matter if we are ready to accept someone with their good and bad or we just want all the good things. 

Indeed, there are certain things as the limit which are crucial in certain point. As long as that one person does not go beyond the limit, why do we have to sweat on little things?:)


  1. hai Yunika, salam kenal :)

    so sweet banget cerita ttg neneknya, kayak di film :). Setuju, true love does exist..


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