Adjustment, Adjusting or Whatever You Call it..

How far are you willing to change someone you love with certain bad habits?
A friend of mine once asked me that question. There came my answer, if it something that makes him happy, I am nowhere to change it.
But then after few hours, I keep thinking the question. Well, then this thing comes in my mind. If he loves me that much, it is within him who would voluntarily change.
It is not that I am tired of asking people to change. I have done it in the past. At the end, people cheated. Why? Because it did not come from his heart. It is just what someone does because someone else asks. As simple as that.
I have adjusted lots of things in my life. The adjustment that somehow shocks my sister. She would never think that I can easily accept her husband (with different religion in the past). She would have never thought that I can easily say ‘merry Christmas’ or others greeting to those with different beliefs.
I was a strict person in the past. A is A, B is B.
By the time, I meet lots of people with different background and environment. There I learn how I adjust myself. It is not about how I want to be accepted. It is just how I respect others.
People who know me, know how hygiene freak I am that makes me upset. But, this kind of thing needs to be adjusted when I have to travel with others. When I feel the place and the situation are not right, I can easily forget my freakiness. At the end, when I finally reach home, I can clean up everything as what my standard is.
I am not saying I am such an example for others. What I am trying to say is, try to adjust. If you don’t like it, just leave it (of course after you give some efforts). The effort here is not how you push others to your standard but how you can accept other's standard.
The problem these days, people complain right before they try (I do that sometimes, lol). You can never believe how far you can go when efforts are made.
A simple example is what has just happened with me within these two weeks. I have survived staying alone in my own house where the house is older than my age (What I mean is, my parents moved here when mom was having me in her womb). Once, 4 years ago, I was alone in the house and I was terrified for nothing. Four nights that scared me like hell.
But, these two weeks, I feel so much comfortable staying in my house rather than going to my cousin. Do I feel scared? A bit. Is there anything happen? Yes, lots unexpected occurrences. Flood in the kitchen caused by something I can never figure it out, electric problems in my room that caused darkness for almost a week now, and neighbor making a mess fixing his house that affected mine.
But what I appreciate more, how I can change the mineral water galloon. Yes, for all this time, I can easily wake my father up when it finishes but now I manage myself to bring the 19l galloon to its place.
I always believe that there is something new or something one can learn every day. I keep learning and I keep adjusting. Sometimes I feel tired with learning. Something I want to give up. But hey, shouldn’t I be happy for all these that God has given me the chance to learn?
That means God loves me. That means, He wants me to maximize my brain. That means….
 How about you, what adjustments have you made?


  1. baca tulisan ini banyak hikmah dari hidup yang kita jalani tentunya.Apakah menghindar dari kenyataan itu hikmah juga ??? Kadang menghadapi yang kita tidak suka itu dampaknya luar biasa,dan gw lebih suka menghindar pelan - pelan

    1. Hei hoo... Menghindar itu memang cara yang paling gampang, tapi tidak menyelesaikan masalah. face and conquer it. Gue tahu maksud dari pertanyaan dirimu, seperti yang pernah gue bilang, gak usah mikirin yang remeh temeh.

      Dan karena elo pernah ngajarin gue, ngapain sebel sama orang - lah belum tentu dia juga tahu kita sebel. Sejak itu, gak mau sebel sama orang yang gue kenal, just forgive them. Jangan krn nila setitik, rusak susu sebelanga. kita juga gak mau kan jika berada di posisi itu,:)

  2. I adjust a lots of things in this life.

    My life, my career purpose , my family and also my friends....

    Sometimes you cannot avoid the situation, you just face it without hard feelings.

    1. truth to be told, some things are unavoidable, facing it just the best way to minimize the effects,:)


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