Another Sister's Story...

If anyone asks me if I have envied my sister for what she is having right now?
Simply I would say NOOOO, not a bit.
I believe, what she is having right now, is part of her journey. She was too back in the school day, had that anger, the pressure being compared with me for almost 14 years.
Yes, we were in the same school from kindergarten up till senior high school. She then stopped the chain of pursuing the same university as mine.  
Each time Mom came to see the teachers; mostly they compared her and me. Nothing bad about her, it was just that I was the quiet one and she was that active girl.
Being under that circumstances and realizing that life is like that wheel of fortune. That is impossible for me to be always on the top. This time is her time. I am happy for what she is having. Despites our quarrels but she will always be my sister.
A sister who always protects the elder one, sometimes, it is more than parents can do.
A sister who is annoying for talking too much that I do not know how to stop her *the best I can do is suddenly grabbing my gadget that will make her angry and leave me in peace.
A sister who will get hurt if someone hurts me
A sister who will never say I am wrong whenever I am wrong
A sister who will ask me for a silly thing that she actually can afford
A sister who can always disturb me whenever she needs something
All those things above do happen in reverse instead.
Sometimes I feel that I am the younger one. That’s the fun of it. Most people always guess that I am younger than her – something that pisses her off and something that makes me happy.
It does take time for us to reach this stage. It is not easy. There are moments when we can never get along together but by the time, the age… now we are reaching this better stage. It is not gonna be easy even in the future. I am fully prepared for what may come.…

And for the many times, I would say, I love you Sistaaaaaa ...... 


  1. Sister the most wonderful gift ever given to mankind. Loved to wath you feel the same. Thax for sharing.

  2. ciee yang sayang sama adikya hehehe

  3. Saya juga punya adik perempuan, cuma selisih setahun ... jadinya kayak sahabatan. Memang beda ya rasanya kalo punya saudara perempuan dan akrab :)

    1. Halo Mbak, aku beda 3 tahun tp dia lebih dewasa,:))

  4. Jadi cakepan mana lw atau dia ??? hua hua hua

  5. Saya juga punya adik kandung pas dan sama-sama tinggal di Jogja :)


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