PHUKET it is... (3)

Here go again, me battling with my laziness and now it is time to share some more.

The night was seem so long. Nightmares were in my sleep. I would join the tour to what so called as james bond tour. Back in the 70's, there was one james bond series were taken in this island. It was roger moore's time, i think.

This tour, i would be alone, my aunt did not accompany me. She and mom explored patong beach and did some shopping. So, i was a bit scared and this scariness haunted me in my sleep. Back then, 6 years ago, before i dived in tulamben-bali, i also had nightmares, thinking about d ship wreckage. Weird me!

I woke up in the morning, preparing my self, had breakfast with thai instant noodle and drank lots of water which later turned as a mistake. I gave mom money amounting 1000 baht for her and aunt to eat.

The driver picked me up around 8am , we picked other guests and we were then brought to the meeting point. And yes i was alone, dunno whom to speak. There were 3 arabs men in the same car with me. Yes, i have kept an eye on one of them to be my partner while canoeing. But i just kept silence,waiting for the right time.

Then were brought to the marina, with a large car then brought to a pier then entered the big boat.

This tour had friendly guides and staff.they really took care the guests. Too bad, i forgot their names. What i remember, their canoes are red color.

Self service of tea, coffee, syrup water, mineral water, biscuit and fruits made this journey lots more fun. By the way, this was Pha Nga 4 in 1 tour canoe full day with big boat and costs less than 1000 baht.

I felt asleep many times during the journey, the wind did make me sleepy.

Btw, why i said that drinking lots of water in the morning was a mistake? First of all, i wore swim suit that covered all of my body, just like a diver but thinner material. Why? I am moslem wearing hijab but i love sea. I just have to accommodate my hobby with what my belief is. Then i felt the urge to pee just in time after the boat departed. And from the explanation of the guides, seems the tour was related with canoes in many different spots, yet no swimming unless we wanted to. Means i have to pee in such small toilets in the boat and opened my suit from the top. Phewww.. yes i made the queue,people waiting for me. And it was a hard work for me. Glad that the urge only came once.

The toilets were in the 1st floor, near the kitchen while passengers were in the second. After my toilet visit, i sneaked to the kitchen area with nice smell of the cooking stuff.

Another good thing for me, as a moslem, there are many moslems in phuket. Most of tour packages provide halal food. I don't have to worry then.

To be continued...


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