Night dreams, d series (2)

Some night dreams really mean something

They say, when a snake comes into your dream, u really are getting married
I hope, this is not going happen with me once later i am getting married

But when it comes to dog, i believe someone does hate me or has bad intention with me
At first, i did not think about it as a meaning such that
Mom told me about it
Indeed it is right

Starting when i was in high school, a dog came along with a girl
Of course, in my night dream
D dog come as a bad one, biting, barking, certain looking in his or her eyes, etc.
Back to my high school story
The dog was with a girl
Who was my classmate
Who was in real life,seems does not like me
Me, not as her friend
But, her enemy

So, each time dog comes in my dream, i believe in such things
If no one shows up with him/her, then it is just someone who envies me
Someone that i do not even know
If dog comes as a good one, then it is just someone who will not hurt me or my feeling

Lately, a bad dog came with a woman
A woman i believe did not like me
I know her from my sister
She gave my family some gifts
Since she came in my night dream such that
I no more think she is a good friend for my sister
I tried to warn her once
She does not hear what i have said
Indeed, this woman keeps doing things that hurt my sister
I told mom, see, my night dream was right

In other dreams, black dog came
Barking, running after me and biting me
This hunter type
Big and black
One of my scariest dreams
No one can be seen with him
Only God's help should be seek with this one


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