Phuket it is... (2)

Continuing my previous arrival in Phuket, arrived in the hotel ibis and please check here for my review regarding the hotel.

Mom first prayed in the hotel before we start our walking trip. In less than 60 minutes, we then hit the road. going to the left from the hotel, we found another hotel, Muslim cemetery then the beach. Just by the side of the road, hawker selling Thai food with halal sign. No more thinking, we decided to eat there, sitting on the beach - under the coconut tree. We were totally starving. We ordered Thai green curry, papaya salad and rice plus fresh coconut. Please check my instagram (ikmaar) for pictures. I have uploaded there and perhaps later I will make a post here in blogspot only for pictures.

The food taste great, unbelievable! We ordered another papaya salad since its freshness made the hot weather seems no more hot. We sat there for an hour  then we walked with me asking each travel agents booths for tour packages and discounted prices,:)

Mom saw an ice cream seller, selling in a motorbike. We made another stop and enjoy the ice cream, another unbeatable taste! traditional ice cream made from coconut and garnished with sweet corn, sticky rice, avocado, sago, etc.

Along the beach, many hawkers selling grilled corn (traditional style), sausages, fruits, etc. Some dogs are seen but harmless.

I finally got the best price, according to me, in one of the booths, beside i was just too tired, asking and bargaining here and there.

Mom and I then had the Thai massage. a bit weird though with Thai women wearing short , what i mean short is totally short like the shortest boxing short and t-shirt. it costs around 200 baht each person. the massage was good. i felt relaxed and all the tiredness from walking in Singapore suddenly gone. It was night already.

We continued walking where we saw women selling pancake (hawker) with many kinds of filling. taste was great. choices of filling are banana, chocolate, cheese, egg, etc. Before going back to hotel, we stopped at indian restaurants and bought vegetable biryani, chapatti and asked for curry sauce. the food was for take away. it was funny when the server said, i give you free curry sauce but you have to buy here again tomorrow.

We arrived in the hotel, enjoying our dinner which turned out another great Indian food. yummmm


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