At sudden, last month, my sist asked me to go to singapore to accompany her 13hrs stop over. Well, i just said ok, but ok for her means, i would absolutely go. No turning back for me at this point. Then i asked my aunt to join d trip. Since i did not plan for the trip long time before, the trip then should be as cheap as possible.
Looking for cheap hotel in singapore means staying in geylang area. And do you know what geylang famous for? Red light district! It seems scary, hell yeah. Though some reviews say that we should not worry about that. Yet i was worried.
Till i arrive this afternoon and i saw some women-sexy cloth,standing by the road. I stay in lorong 20, some 81 and fragrance chain hotels are here.
Again i asked the receptionist if it is safe for us to walk late at night within the area and he assured me that it is ok.
Till this evening i walked from the mrt station-aljuneid to the hotel. There were not as many 'women' as i thought. Besides, it is not scary at all. They are with their world and we as tourists , nothing to be worried. Yeah there are some men who flirt us but just ignore them. Some men like that can be found everywhere in this world.
Other good thing from the area is, singaporean style corner food centre can be found here and there. It is hard to find this in orchard or marina area these days. Here i can see some indian moslem food, thai food and surely chinese plus lots of veggies and fruit markets. It is like singapore back in the 90's. 
By the way, there are few people selling medicines such as viagra in the street. But i can say that the area is also clean enough.
Regarding the hotel i stay, i will review it in my trip advisor's page.


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