1 Muharam

Does anyone (muslim) care about this 1 muharam much better than 1 january?

Most people celebrate 1 january but pay no attention with this 1 muharam.

The date marked the moving-hijrah-hejira, our prophet Muhammad (pbuh) from mecca to medina which also started the islamic calendar.

In 1 book of du'a, i found the dua recites after ashar and d du'a recites after maghrib on d last day of zulhijjah. D first one, mostly about our gratitude to Allah for d year has passed and d second one mostly about common good expectations or wishes for d year ahead. I am not sure how shahih d du'a is but i do not think if this is a problem.

I have never celebrated the new year of 1 january for years, mostly i sleep during d changing of date,:), same thing with this 1 muharam, but at least with muharam, there are certain pray that i ask Allah. Good things, my expectation, and certain wishes. I also review d year that has just passed, my accomplishments, which wishes been granted, which are not yet, etc.

Actually this is an interesting thing for me, praising thing that is almost forgotten. Good that here in indonesia, 1 muharam is a public holiday, a reminder for those who are willing to be reminded. I know, for some, it is just another public holiday. I can not blame them for this.

I wish this upcoming year of hijriyah, more good things happen to my life, family and muslim all around d world. We , muslims are also avoided from any bad things/luck that might happen. More people embrace to islam as a guidance. D more u learn about islam-Allah-Quran, d more u will understand that Allah does exist, no denial about it and islam does a religion to perfect other religions that came before it.

They said, if u know nothing about something, then how can u love it? Learn more about islam, then you will love it more than anything you have ever loved,:)

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all d muslims everywhere you are..

**For those muslims in syria, palestine, afghanistan and everywhere where you all are under horrible circumstances, only pray that i can send. I believe Allah is there with you all, everything is happened under His approval. Just be strong and never give up on Allah!


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