Hello folks, here I am back in the track.*sigh*

I guess I promised you on how to use the left over rendang, right?

First let me tell you something, back in August 2011, I read one of the tweet of pak William Wongso – one of Indonesia famous culinary expert, that he wanted people to give idea on how to use the bumbu rendang aka rendang spices for other dishes. He gave an example of nasi goreng bumbu rendang. You can please read it also here. The 5 winners would receive his famous signature packed rendang of 1 kg. What? That was a challenge! The rendang itself cost around Rp 375000. hmmm…

It’s not that I don’t wanna buy it but I thought when my parents cook for ½ kg, it takes 2 weeks for us to finish ‘em. So I’m not really interested to buy it.

But this challenge? Well it’s not really a challenge since my family gets used to create other dishes with this left over rendang,J I just have to re-try it again and use the correct measurement to enter the competition.

At that time I sent 3 recipes : rendang omelette, aglio olio con rendang and canapĂ© de rendang. Which one did I win? It’s AGLIO OLIO CON RENDANG. Yaay…

On 9/9/11, info@williamwongsoseries.com  wrote:
 > Dear Mbak Yunika,
 > Saya Erna asisten dari Pak William Wongso, dalam kesempatan ini mau  > menyampaikan bahwa anda memenangkan lomba Menu Kreasi Rendang WWseries .
 > Untuk itu mohon untuk mengambil hadiahnya di kantor kami , Jl. Melawai Xii  > no.191A , Jakarta Selatan.
 > Terima kasih,
 > Erna

I read the email later in the evening and was shocked. I was so happy-happy-happy. Later on Monday 12/09/11- I took my 1kg rendang and had it for dinner, yummmm… it’s a bit different with my parents’ rendang but this one is another delicious one. I guess with that price, it’s just worth it. Too bad I don’t take the picture of the packed rendang but you can still check it using google,J

The rendang omelette was the recipe my family used to make. But this aglio olio, it’s just one of my many creations that was come across my mind when I went to sleep,J

The recipe is as below:

25gr spaghetti/angel hair
3 siung bawang putih
2 buah cabai rawit merah yang kecil
1 potong daging rendang disuir-suir
1.5sdm bumbu rendang
garam dan lada hitam secukupnya
1/2sdt cabe merah bubuk/paprika merah bubuk 2sdm parsley (bisa gunakan yg fresh atau kering),sesuai selera 2sdm Minyak Zaitun

Cara Memasak:
Rebus air hingga mendidih, masukkan garam yg banyak (lebih kurang 2 sdm) & masukkan spaghetti (ikuti petunjuk di bungkusnya)
Tuang minyak zaitun ke wajan hingga agak panas, masukkan bawang putih, sebentar saja jangan sampai hangus,lalu masukkan cabai rawit merah,proses ini < 2 menit. Masukkan daging rendang yg telah disuir dan juga bumbu rendang,setelah tercampur, masukkan mie yang telah ditiriskan, aduk dan masukkan bumbu lainnya kecuali parsley.setelah semua tercampur.matikan api,taburkan parsley.

25gr spaghetti or angel hair
3 cloves of garlic
2 pieces of chili padi
1 piece of beef rendang-sliced it
1.5 table spoon of rendang sauce (you can add more or less)
2 tablespoon of olive oil
½ teaspoon of chili/paprika powder
2 tablespoon parsley (fresh or dry one)
Salt and pepper

Boil the water and spread lots of salt inside (about 2 tablespoon) and put the spaghetti/angel hair inside (follow the instructions from the package)
Pour the olive oil into the wok-pan till a bit hot, add the garlic (make sure it’s not burned or else you have to scratch it from the beginning), the chili padi (it takes less than 2 minutes). Add the sliced beef rendang and the rendang sauce. When it’s all well-mixed, add the drained spaghetti/angel hair plus the chili/paprika powder, salt and pepper (according to taste). Turn off the heat then last but not least, add the parsley.

It’s easy, isn’t it? It tastes awesome. I made it on Ramadan around 9pm. By the time I finish cooking it, I was already feeling full, so I had it for sahoor-early breakfast and OMG, I was just loving it.

So, please have a try and let me know how it goes. Surely you’ll gonna love it.


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