finally i finished reading the aleph. Yaay ..
Why i'm excited about it? It is jst  because this book is too heavy for a starter like me. It took almost a month , since i had my one week vacation within, that i did not bring the book.
How do i start reviewing it? Well, i dunno, the book has made me questioning the contents but hey , Paulo never pushed his readers to believe in on what he has written, right?
Is it a good book? Yeah, in term that he made me dreaming, that someday i must visit copacabana beach and traveling with trans siberia. Yeah, when it comes to traveling, nothing can stop me,lol.
Regarding the book, i still could not believe with what so called as ring of light. But then, in one time, i thought what my past was.
Again, i discussed this wd a friend of mine who is a truly fans of Paulo's books, raka . How this life was before now in the eye of our religion. There was not any exacts information about this. Yes it is said, we die then again God will make us life again. But what kind of life it is? I am not sure about this... just leave it,as it is.
As always, how Paulo wrote  his story makes the readers  could not stop reading it but with this book, i have to stop in certain point in order to have deep understanding. In certain pages, i just had to skip it,:(
While reading this, i downloaded his ebook of zahir and the truth , i found this one much more interesting.
Well,i believe my review is not as interesting As it  should be. I just want to share, that's all. This one confusing book does not stop me from reading other books from Paulo,:)


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