I believe that everyone has their own 6th sense. some realizing  it, some not. Some use it for good purpose , some earn money from it.

Today, again ,my 6th sense is worked. I was chatting thru skype wd my ex coworker, a used to be happy mom with her baby girl. I said hi first, then we talked common things till then i asked how was her baby. She did not reply for quite long time. It just came across my mind that her baby has died. When she finally replied, yes, she mentioned that her daughter passed away last may. I feel sorry for her. I still remembered  how she told me about her baby  back then,though i met her only for few days.

This evening i just realized abt my 6th sense that suddenly worked. Yeah, sometimes i know certain things happen with my besties thru my night dream.

Once, i reckoned that my bestie was getting divorce thru my night dream. Or else, when i was sure that my other bestie is getting married wd his bf. Yes, a woman is common to get married  with her bf but  in her case, the story was long enough tht  i am not gonna write it here. I also know when my sister's fiancee had crush on her since long time ago Whn my sister actually engaged wd another man.

Strange is whn this 6th sense does not work with my own life. I never know what is going to happen with me. I fail in certain things without any notices.

I used to interpret my dream thru d book 'meaning of dreams' but then i stopped doing so. I don't wanna do it again. I am just interpreting dreams those clear enough wdout any hidden meaning.

Well,i do not want to dig deep my 6th sense ability. I will just let it flow...


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