23 October... how can i forget the date? Perhaps i'd miss it but beside the date is d bday of my bestie,mia , back 3yrs ago, i had a surgery.
'U have a cyst', that was wht d gynaecologist in RS. Bunda told me on April 2009. 'I am not sure what it is till d surgery is performed', he added.
I wasn't that surprised since i had google here and there from the beginning i had problem wd my period back in late November 2008, days aftr my broke-up that caused me terrible sadness, stupid me!
That day, i worked just half day n returned home wd terrible pains in my stomach, i stopped the car in front of d gate,screamed to my mom whom was cooking,i opened the door n slept on d floor , forgot anything that related wd me being hygiene freak. That 1st ever horrible pains caused me to stay home for 2days . The same pains come again whn i started my period every month and again caused me to stay home for bed rest 1-2days. Till i finally found out that chammomile tea is the best medicine to cure the horrible pains. Drink it n wait , within 30minutes , d pain will go.
Before deciding to hv surgery, i had taken several treatment. Taking birth control had made my cyst got bigger twice within 2months. I stopped then caused me not to hv period for more thn a month , well it was good since it was Ramadan,:) Then i drunk tahitian noni juice, instead for my cyst , it cured my terrible gastro problem.
Since i had booked my penang flight to have my father's routine medical check up, then i decided to have d surgery there.
We flew on 22 October where we arrived b4 noon then i straight went to see a gynaecologist there which turned out a young - polite - handsome chinese man.deimmm! I can't resist by looking at him. He checked my stomach , USG, then he gave me some options. Wd me ready for surgery, then he asked me to do it asap on 23rd.
First in the morning, no more breakfast could be eaten, at 8am, i was submitting myself to the hospital wd mom accompanying me. It was as smooth as expected. I changed my clothes bt didn't remove my makeup. Since i was aware how handsome he was , i did put some makeup in my face,lol.
The last conversation was me wd the anasthaesist. Then i flew directly. I remembered , i awoke 1-2 times for few seconds during surgery. Whn i woke up aftr d surgery was finished , i directly touched my stomach n checked if my ovarium was taken. I shouted at the nurse asking abt my ovary n she just made me calm and asked me to wait for the doctor's explanation. But i was sure, there wasn't any long stitches in my stomach , means it was just a laparoscopy.
I was then moved to my room and felt asleep almost d whole day. When the charming doctor visited me in the evening, he told me how big it was-around 6cm n filled wd only blood. He assumed nothing serious wd me and i could be discharged the following day. The post surgery pain was quite annoying but i still could manage it.
The following morning i was discharged and able to use my tight jeans back. The problem was that i just felt dizzy n prefered to stay at the hotel and sleeping.
 Today, 3yrs aftr d surgery, i sometimes have pain,bt nt as painful as it was. I just leave it to God, if the cyst comes n occupying my body, please be as good as i expect. Let me enjoy my life..,:)


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