JOMBLO aka Single

Jomblo is a term to describe when some1 is single.
I've been jomblo for ages *well,i'm just being too exaggerated*. My last love story ended more than 3 years ago. He was some1 i thought gonna be the love of my life. But everything about him was revealed within 6mnths of that serious relationship. Whn it ends - it ends. For me, when my story book is closed, that's it. I don't wanna ever open it unless for my learning process.
Within that more than 3yrs, i met a man who was like a ghost, he came and haunted me whenever he wanted. Another man was being matched to me but unfortunately, a friend was wht he thought of me, a friend to be available during weekend. Other man was 8yrs younger than me, he cheated and made me crazy. not because i loved him, but being cheated was totally unaccepted in my life.
The rest, i stay as a happy 'jomblo'. There are moments Whn i feel lonely and need extra love from someone. But as always, God is there for me. When i am sad, for few minutes , i am totally down but then i realize that my love, my devotion to God should be more than anything in this world. This way, i can survive till now.
But, nowadays, i am a bit disturbed by people using this 'jomblo' thingo in such an annoying way. Usually when weekend is started..
Do you think being jomblo is fun? Yes perhaps it is. I meet some people who envy me being jomblo where in the other way around i envy their life with the family and kids. As always, people never satisfy with what they have.
Yes there some advantages by being jomblo, i don't hv to write them down here, just Google and you'll find hundreds of them. Also there are other hundreds advantages by building a family.
For me, as human, i believe that we should life as couples. Man and woman. *sorry for any objections but i totally disagree with man-man or woman-woman choice of life.
When till this moment i can not find my other half, does not mean the world come to an end. I keep praying.. i make my life happy by building my  own way happiness since believe that our happiness is within our hands.
Have i been upset with my life? Yes.. but seldom it happens. Usually when i'm sick or having problems where i need to share wd others, i am totally in need of 'someone'.
I don't know who my soulmate is, how i'm gonna meet him etc, but i believe when the time is right, when God finally trusting me to build a family, the moment will come in such an amazing way. I always believe and have my full optimism in that matter.

anyway, as much as jomblo-ers saying how happy she/he is as a jomblo, she/he would be much happier when she/he is with someone they truly love,:)


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