Jakarta Culinary Festival 2012

Jakarta culinary festival shorten as JCF is a regular culinary festival conducted by Ismaya Group - one of d biggest groups in culinary industry with most of their fine dining resto placed in Jakarta.

I have never been to this previous event but i know how everyone talked about the event from twitter.

Before this 2012 event starts from 4 October-28 October, their social media such as twitter and facebook have been so active informing the followers and friends of the upcoming international celebrity chefs, local celebrity chefs , schedules , etc.

I have imagined to join and meet my favorite celebrity chef such as George calombaris and Mario batali, but the price to try their dishes thru dine&wine or cooking class is unreachable at this time since i am gonna have 1 week vacation within this month. I just have to spend my money wisely ,:)

The truth , i am a bit disappointed with the wine and dine pairing since i do not drink wine and no information regarding the price of non -wine drinker.

This event is also coordinating with one of the biggest bank here in Indonesia -BCA, but privileges are given to platinum customers. I have my BCA credit card and it's not platinum ,so i just have to forget of getting discounts or any other privileges.

Yes they have quizzes conducted thru twitter or facebook with fantastic prizes but i'm not every time in front of my computer,besides, with many people looking forward to win the quizzes , at the end , it's all about whether or not i am that lucky,:)

I won one of the quizzes where i got 1 free ticket for the grand opening on 4 October. Due to certain internal problem,i just could not come.

I then arranged to come with my cousin and niece on 6 October . We arrived there around 6 pm after facing the Jakarta's traffic on Saturday evening, ugh.

The venue was crowded. In the registration desk,we were informed that it was free due to happy hour and yet still we receive the free bottle of teh sostro-famous Indonesian ready to drink tea. Then i mentioned to the staff that i won the free ticket back on Thursday 4 October, she then smiled and gave me the goody bag.

Then we entered the venue,looking here and there,joined the cooking demo by chef chris salans - really as a food enthusiastic, i do not know who he is. We got the book notes with some of his recipes inside. We did not finish watching the demo due to our hungry feeling. Then again we continued exploring the venue.

The pancake from kitchenette was so tempting that i could not resist for not buying it. The price is 30k rupiah, then my cousin bought hotdog from pizza e birra which costs 40k rupiah. The pancake tastes good, well pancake is a pancake but the filling was great, with melted cheese and smoked beef plus something on the top, colored black and i forgot to ask what it is. The hot dog is another great dish,well i am sure it is just because the huge amount of melted cheese and minced beef with special sauce. I am writing this blog right now and craving to have it for some more.

We bought the food and shared them with the 3 of us so that we would not feel so full. After having those meals, we again continued our visit from one booth to another  Fortunately, when we entered the times book store's booth, we had the chance to see the bliss sister. If only we came earlier , we would have chance to take pictures with them.

Since most of the food in the 5th floor is quite exxy , then we decided to go downstairs in the 3rd floor for the cheap food venue. Well it is not that cheap but at least a bit cheaper,:)

I chose to buy nasi kuning ternate which costs 30k rupiah, my cousin bought soto lamongan with rice and cost 20k rupiah , and my niece bought soto banjar without rice and cost 22k rupiah-later on when my cousin paid, the extra coconut soup (kuah) that my niece asked , cost her additional 5k rupiah. It is too bad, rarely we find that additional 'kuah' is asked to be paid,most of the time is free.

That nasi kuning came with spicy tuna (too bad ,fish bones were still found),fried noodle, orak arik kentang +tempe, and sambal. It is worth to try so that we know dishes from other part of Indonesia.

After finish eating , we then ended our visit and went to ACE hardware store located in the 5th floor.

I can say that the staff in the venue are nice but some things should be improved in the upcoming weeks such as the queue in the registration desk *if only visitors still have to pay for the entrance fee*, more free sample food to be tasted,:), and if possible that queue in each booth should be cleared enough to avoid any uncertainty when we buy something. Last but not least , hopefully that platinum privileges should totally be considered , it's totally annoying!

There goes my point of view of this big event. Hope Ismaya group will be successful and looking forward for this event in the upcoming years.

My niece with hot dog from pizza e birra

Soto Lamongan

my niece with her soto banjar

My Nasi Kuning Ternate

pancake from kitchenette


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