welcoming everyone...

Hi there...

Welcoming you all to my own blog site address. Anyway, I'm not new to this blog world, i was an active blooger in Kompasiana and also in Friendster (this one really i forgot what the exact address is). Why i suddenly choose to re-activate my self as a blogger is for just a simply thing:these days many competition based on blogging things and i love enjoying the giveaway so why do i have to loose those moments? Here I am back in the business.

Other than that, since watching julie and julia in starworld few months ago. It inspired me to write about my cooking adventures and share it to you all how interesting is cooking and testing from one recipe to others to finally find a good recipe as a standard for me or may be for you.

enjoy yourselves reading my blog and feel free to write me comments.. i love making friendship to anyone in this world though,:)


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