Sambal Matah

Sambal Matah is a trademark sambal from Bali. Well, let me tell you something, when you hear sambal in Bahasa Indonesia, surely it's something made from chili. Yeah, Indonesian people love eating something spicy based from chili aka cabai. There are many kind of chilies can be found here, long and slim green or red chili, long  and fat (??) green or red chili and tiny green or orange or red chili. The winner for its spiciness is the tiny one for sure **.

The tiny orange chili is used for this sambal matah.Quantity? It is just up to you...
Let's say we're making for our 2 days stock.. it's again up to you, but this sambal can be eaten with hot rice only *if you dare enough, hohoho* and accompany by fried seafood, fried poultry, vegetables, etc and i think this can also be used as dipping for nachos. woooowww.

10 shallots - remember it's shallot not onion,ok?
5 garlic cloves - i always use garlic half from the shallot/onion measurement
30 chilies padi or bird eye chilies -as long as it's tiny and orange colour. This can be adjusted to your like for sure and don't forget to remove the seed - well if you like with the seed, it's just fine.
5 lemon grass
salt to taste
lemon to taste
1 tsp shrimp paste - again to your like, some people do not like the smell.
3/4 cup vegetable oil

cut those ingredients into small slices. remember, cut them. no mortar and pestle are needed (yeah for sure you can't cut the shrimp paste,lol).
Heat the oil till it reaches it's temperature, not really hot-just okay, fry those ingredients all together till you think it's okay to be taken out from the pan. remember, again, do not over burn it. this frying process is actually to avoid any stomach problem in case you are sensitive enough. My mom who is the master in making this one told me that it only needs 5 minutes in the frying pan with small heat. If you burn it, you fail!

One thing you have to remember, when you cut the chili, please and please use the gloves. I helped my mom yesterday and I told her that I didn't have any problems with chilies and as a matter of fact, i burn my left hands. I still can feel the burn up until now.argh,,,,,,, i have to pour oil into my left hand with a bit of massage so the oil can be absorbed by the skin easily twice a day.

whenever you try this, please let me know how it goes. i'm crazy with this sambal since it seems can adjust with my gastro problems that is so annoying. i like any other kind of sambal and surely soon i'll share it with you how to make it easily.

fyi, my mom is not from Bali, i have google some recipes for this sambal and been trying here and there till we (my mom and I) make our own favorite recipe. mostly when we want to eat something, i google here and there and let my mom knows and she finally decides which recipes to try and she adjusts it accordingly to what the family likes.

below you can see the picture of sambal matah-still in the wok pan,:)


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