Tairyo Japanese Restaurant

Tairyo is a franchise Japanese restaurant based in Shanghai (what???? Yeah it's from China with Japanese food).

On 12 August 2011 i was chosen and invited by Grand Indonesia shopping mall for the event of #BukaBarengBlogger,coordination with Fimela online magazine,Multiply Indonesia, YukMakan and Tairyo restaurant it self.

That was my first time eating there. These days I'd prefer stay at home and cook whatever interests me from Indonesian,Indian,Italian or any other dish that comes across my mind.

Actually I almost canceled to join the break-fast till i finally conquered my laziness,lol

This is a teppanyaki style restaurant. When I arrived, there was a menu listing what we would eat. Oh God, I was thinking if I had to choose one or those all were what i would eat.

Okay, as a starter-ta'jil-dish that commonly used for break-fast and something sweet. It was red bean soup. Well the truth, i was upset with this, I dunno, at that time, me and Cindy who sat beside me agreed that the bean was bitter. I was thinking perhaps the bean from japan,lol.

I chose strawberry milkshake as my drink which was good-not too creamy and not too sweet.

Then there comes the starter, first was prawn salad with special tairyo sauce which tasted absolute delicious. I loved the sauce and the freshness of the salad.

Second was prawn cutlets which were good but still the first prawn salad was the winner.

Third was sashimi where we were taught how to cut it before it was served. Again, this was awesome, the freshness of salmon with no bad smell in it. I just loved it.

Okay, the food was not ended till here. There were 10 main course from teppan style excluded the vegetable given the first one which consists of tofu and two other vegetables.

The main course was varieties of meat (mostly imported beef),lamb,ox's tongue,gindara fish,oyster and chicken. The truth was my stomach could not take that many kind of food but yeah i just could not stand of not eating them,lol.

I skipped the oyster since brandy was used,if only i knew since the beginning-then i would ask the chef to give me before. Well, this should be put into consideration for the organizer to avoid food with any alcoholic drinks during ramadan (hey it's ramadan and the event it self named as #BukaBarengBlogger), though some people are okay with that,but I'd rather avoid it.

The Ox it self named in the menu with red wine but then the chef told me that it was not real wine so it was okay for me to eat it. Afterall the ox is not something i like except in sate padang,lol. So that was the only food which was still left in my plate.

The lamb chop was another absolute tasty dish with the same ingredients with oyster that i skipped-except it did not use brandy. The lamb was smooth and no smell, even the girl sat next to me who does not like lamb,was enjoying it.

Some food tasted a bit salty but after we complained it with the chef, he minimized using it.

As a dessert,fried banana topped with vanilla ice cream was served, brandy again used here but the chef had already known me avoiding it,so before brandy was poured,mine was served.

Before dessert was served, there was game on how to make sushi filled with cucumber. I got the chance to join it. The chef showed us how to make it. Yeahhhhh finally i learned how to roll sushi. Thing that i've been waiting for so long.Yippeee... I was so excited and fortunately,I won. Yaaaaayyyyy. Thank you for the voucher, I'll bring my parents there.hohohooh..

Last but not least, photo session with the whole bloggers and goody bag. Thank you so much for everything. It was one of wonderful break-fast that I have and something surprising had come,I met my old senior high school friend. It's been 15yrs I haven't met her and that night I saw her with the same style. Time really passes man....

By the way I'm not really sure with the price for dining it, if I'm not mistaken it's around 250k rupiahs for the package but hey you can check their facebook:tairyo indonesia or twitter @tairyoindo for more enquiries.


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