To Brace or Not To Brace

Oh Crap…I really don’t know what to use as the title this time. It’s just about me using the braces.

The last 7 years, people using braces as a trend/model/style and I was the one infected with this,J

I finally decided to use it for my lower teeth after resigning as a flight attendant, at that time, one tooth was a naughty and didn’t look as it should be (noted:look! I didn’t like to see that one tooth at that time that made me wanted to use braces though my personal dentist assured me that it was just okay).

Since my personal dentist is not an orthodontist then I went to an orthodontist and consulted about me using it. The doctor said, if that was what I wanted then she’d just put the braces as I wished.

Long story short, I wore braces with colorful rubber band to tighten them. I was so happy. I visited my orthodontist monthly with the expectation to have a perfect look of my lower teeth. My naughty tooth was also removed along with my lower teeth at the back-the one grows when we are in our 20-ies.

I just loved the appearance of me with the braces *sometimes the inner side of me as a kiddo shows inappropriately,J*

A year passed by, two…three…four…. That’s it! I’m tired. After 2 years using it, another naughty tooth disrupted the process and the orthodontist focused on taking care that one from making it up and down and up and down and so on…for more than 2yrs. I become disappointed. I become lazy visiting her monthly, I just visited when I wanted to, and it could be every 2-3 months. I’d just know what she’d do with my teeth. I get tired of using colorful rubber band and just use the regular white ones.

Last time I saw her was in April and 2 months after the arch wire was loosen. Not the whole arch wire, it was just the one on the right side. I left it as it was. I was just too lazy to visit her. It was just a waste of time.

Last week I visited my personal dentist because I had problem with my upper teeth which I concluded as there were small holes there. Thank GOD, my dentist told me it was just my sensitive teeth and I brushed my teeth in the wrong way. She asked me to use the tooth paste for sensitive teeth.

She paid attention to my more than 4 yrs braces and forced me just to change it with retainer and leave the naughty tooth as it is. It’s been more than 4 yrs man!

I asked her to give me some time to think about it till last night when I had my break-fast meal, the right arch wire broken into pieces *yuck*. Okay, I said to my self, it’s a sign from GOD for me to change it into retainer,J

I called her and made an appointment to visit her later in the evening.

Finally my personal dentist took my braces out; she cleaned my teeth from the glue and cleaned them from any left over meals, etc.

When she finished, she gave me the mirror. Oh GOD, how I miss my teeth before I used braces.

I love looking at my un-braced lower teeth. My teeth look fresh and clean,J

Okay, the point of the story is please think twice, no.. more that I guess whenever you wanna use braces or other things that will only cost you money and time. Consult to others about things you wanna do. Ask to your self-deep down inside your heart if you really wanna do it because you have to or you want to. Have and want have different meanings. When it’s just you wanting it, better you don’t do it or you’ll regret it and it becomes useless. Just like me at this moment. It takes me almost 5 yrs to realize this, if only I listen to my personal dentist since the beginning….


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