Rendang is one of the famous dishes from Indonesia and eventually country like Singapore and Malaysia also claim this dish with almost the same appearance but different techniques of making it.

What I know Rendang in Indonesia is originated from Sumatera Barat (West Sumatera) though this food actually almost similar with the dish from southern India. What I don’t like when Singaporeans and Malaysians claiming this dish is because of the name. If only they choose different name, perhaps it’ll be okay.

I don’t know how to make rendang, at this stage I’ll just leave it to my mom and dad and perhaps soon I’ll learn how to make it. It takes at least one hour to cook this to make it dark color – but not burn.

People who try rendang from Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, surely will choose the one from Indonesia as the best. Perhaps the varieties of ingredients involved instead of curry flavor has made our Indonesian rendang becomes tastier.

Fresh coconut cream and good quality of beef are needed for this dish besides those spices that I don’t really know till this moment, lol.

Rendang can be kept for more than a day. Perhaps one month in the fridge is just fine. We just need to reheat it to make it softer, though I love those chilled food (this has made my mom and sister become annoyed when seeing me eating food in cold temperature,lol)

I love this dish and also my entire family, but since my mom has the problem with her heart which finally a stent inserted into it, we have minimized the consumption of dish made from coconut in our weekly menu.

Well at this point I’m not gonna share my family’s rendang recipe but only some dishes that can be made using rendang as the based. Sometimes when all the meat is gone, the left over sauce is useless. That’s why I’m gonna share what to use with the left over sauce (or whatever you name it).

You’ll see in my next blog, those recipe that according to me is just too good to try, lol.


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