Marriage Life (4)

Me : I Love You

Him : hmmmm

This happens many times when I sincerely show my feelings and the same responds I get from his side. This is what happens when you  meet an introvert yet someone who is not used to express his feelings.

At first, I was a bit objected, but then... I am used to with the responses.

But, there are actually times when he says, I love you. And hearing the words make me happy, so much happy. 

Marriage is about understanding... Each day, we try to understand our habits, attitudes, and many others. 

Having him; who knows what coffee I'd prefer, how I can not eat spicy or how I enjoy our cuddling time at night; things I am grateful more than enough.

I sometimes ask him, how happy he is with me? 

It is not only once, but I have been asking the same questions many times.

I'd like to ask the same things again and again, specially when I need those flattering words - and of course, I will get the same answers again and again - which I never get bored.

Our journeys may be still short enough but whatever it is.. I always thank Allah. 


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