How I Cope with Sadness

Everyone has their own way to cope with sadness but me, I am just stand still - without expression.

Last week, I lost my aunt (the elder sister of my Mom). Hearing the news, I did not cry. I just froze for a while. Then I did what I have to do. Doing all those things accordingly. While she was showered, again I froze.

Not until our zoom gathering with the families, when the moderator asked me to say something about her, that I finally cried.

I cried while remembering and saying all those good things about her. Then I froze again after...

I still can not believe that she finally left us with all her legacies. 

I was aware that she was old enough that we had to be ready for her leaving us but I just never expected that it was going to be this way.

I remembered clearly how she fed me with her bare hand. How delicious her cooks were. How she prayed prayers for me. 

Lots of memories I have had with her...

So long my lovely aunt...


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