When there is no electricity n water..

The flood that hits most of jakarta area for almost a week now has affected the area i live. Started with the disconnection of electricity then the water. Pheww.. something i have never imagined before.

Yes, back on august 2011, just after ied ul fitr, the water reservoir was damaged. It was around 4-5 days without water. We had to ask our neighbour-they use different water system, i brought water from my office-so did my sister.it was horrible. If only we did not depart early from my grand mom's hometown-we would not experience this.

Then again,now, this time the electricity is included. Well, at this stage, i am more than thankful that my area is free from flood. That is why, i can not complain about this electricity and water problem. My problem is not horrible than any other people in jakarta.

This electricity is disconnected in order for other area affected by the flood is free from the danger of high voltage than can cause people get killed. While for the water, i heard it was because the source of water was polluted with fuel. For almost 24 hours without water running in the house-now it is back to normal. We had to buy water so that we could take a bath, wash the dishes, cook and other personal discarge needs.

And now.. the electricity for more than 24 hours is off. I am not brave enough to open the refrigerator to see how the food inside is. This evening, my tab's battery was almost finish that i had to go to my cousin's house. We use the candle for lighting. Well, if i have to choose, i still can tolerate this electricity problem but not water, since i am such a hygiene freak. With the water is running means we can cook and I can easily go to the bathroom.

Yes i live my life with such a luxury calls electricity. I try hard to imagine when the electricity is not available, these days, in such particular places in this earth and i also try to imagine how the life was back then when the electricity was not invented. I tried to read a book with a candle and it turned out was not that easy. I try to walk in the darkness and yet it is difficult. Finding a cloth to wear from the wardrobe in the darkness, looking my self in the mirror and many others things i try to do without the help of a candle and it is totally difficult.

And yes, we can not live without electricity. Thanking the people who invented this is a must.

There are always lessons can be learned from anything. Our lives are lessons for others and the same the other way around.

And right now 2 am in the morning, with the electricity is still disconnected, my mom's old radio with the power of batteries is playing all the latest songs, the heavy rain is also pouring my area... i thank God for the lessons. There are some things that can not be avoided but we can still enjoy them... writing this blog in the darkness is one of them,:)


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