When I have to shop in Singapore

Continuing my Singapore story... i have mentioned that shopping there nowadays is almost the same like in Indonesia. But hey, traveling-days out-vacation-holidays and whatever you name it,also mean that i have to bring things/souvenirs for my friends in the office. Well, i can being empty handed but i just do not feel good. So, seeing the souvenir prices in little india are still out of my range, then i visited chinatown. You can take mrt to go there with the stop name is chinatown. I forgot which direction, but you can ask people for the open market direction. From the exit when u swipe ur mrt card, go to the left.

Just when you go uo through the stairs, there you can see the market, market for you to buy souvenirs.

I bought those singapore's keychains, 30 pieces for only sin $10. They sell every 6 pieces for only sin $ 2.  You can also buy bags with singapore's name written there, 3 pieces for only sin $ 10. T-shirts (quality is average) for only sin $ 2-4 each. Many more that you can buy here.

Surely, bargain is no more allowed. It is fixed price. It is fun to do some shopping here specially for souvenir, so you can save more and buy your things in other shopping malls,:)


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