I do not have to explain about Singapore since it is one of the most popular countries in ASIA or perhaps, in the world. I just wanna share my thought , the experience visiting the small island near Indonesia.

My first visit was back in 1981.. i still remember how the city was, staying in a Chinese style hotel with my parents where the elevator was an old style, like the door in prison and there was horrible sound when it moved.

Then back in the 90's, i have visited the country for numerous times, even, once i celebrated Ied there with my big family-from my mom's side. Ied there was quite-it is listed as one of public holidays.

After more than 10 years, i haven't visited the country, last year-2012, i visited the country twice. Once for my younger sister's engagement party and a month after, again my sister pursued me to accompany her there.

I still remember, back in the 90's where 1 sin $ equalled to 1400-1600 Indonesian Rupiahs and in 2012 it has reached 7500-8000 Indonesian Rupiahs, :(

Back then, visiting Singapore means shopping and shopping... The price of goods were much cheaper than in Indonesia. But now, the different is not that much, perhaps, sometimes it is much cheaper in Indonesia.

Back then, Singapore was also a city of dream.. but now, not for me.

The fume from people smoke outside the building is annoying for pedestrians. I can find people smoke everywhere in the open area, rare to find this back in the 90's.

Back then, pedestrians have to wait for the green light to cross the street, but now some people break the rules and just cross the street when they see the cars are still far from the traffic light.

Many more about Singapore that you can see when you visit the country by yourself.

Well, the food there is still marvelous. The authentic taste of Indian cuisines are even much better,:)

Everywhere you can see stalls selling Indonesian food such as ayam penyet and nasi padang. I have not tasted any of these yet.

Before, it was only on Orchard Road. But now, you can see shopping malls with high class brands can be found everywhere.

Back then, there were not many options in Sentosa island, now the island is too crowded with huge of attractions to be seen. Attractions that will take you 2-3 days to finish them all.

Now, during peak hours, traffics are everywhere can be seen, so I would prefer take MRT or bus, though those mode of transportation is also crowded.

The airfare from Jakarta-Singapore is cheap - last time i bought ticket less than Sin $100 - this has caused many Indonesians visiting the country specially during weekend while the Singaporeans prefer to visit Batam island (Indonesia) for their weekends,:)

Well, it is up to you to visit Singapore or not while for me, I would think twice unless they have new sightseeings that i can see.


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