Me and books..

I love buying cooking books, english or indonesian version. Mostly i buy books related with baking.
After watching anna olson's tv show where mostly she shows her baking skills, i then googled the book,title is Back to Baking. There are over 200 recipes in the book. I have never liked her till i watch her latest tv show where she shows baking instructions,step by step,clearly and fun.

As usual, bookdepository is my favorite place to buy. But then, it was not available. So then i checked abebooks,amazon n barnes&nobles. Amazon offered the best price with free shipping within usa. Since i have to save my money, then i wait, perhaps d price will go down, as a matter of fact, it went up-around 30%. It went up everywhere, even amazon had no stock. I was shocked. I almost bought the book but hey, i still have to save. I keep monitoring the book price time to time. Yes, nook offers lower price but i am not interested with e-cooking books. I even emailed the publisher, white cap, if they would re-print the book.

Since i had asked bookdepository to notify me when the book is available, today i received email confirming that the book is available. Then i again checked the book everywhere, this time, the price has go down, back to normal. I could find cheaper price in abebooks and amazon with usa free shipping.

Do i finally manage to buy the book? Noooo... i still have to save.perhaps soon enough i am able to buy this and my other wishlist books,;) 

Something is learnt, like gold, books prices are also increasing and decreasing time to time. Books are not less valuable than gold. And i keep investing myself with books rather than with gold...,;)


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