To Wear Glasses Comfortably - 40+ age problems!

Problem these days with people 40+ with the sighting problem of minus and plus.

As far as I can remember, I have been diagnosed with sighting since I was 12 years old. Not much at that time, around minus 1 or less, perhaps.

I was not a regular glasses user. I did not find it comfortable and most of the times people telling me that I looked like a doctor or a teacher. Besides, pain in the nose was another discomfort I felt.

Fast forward, I am 40+ now and my sighting is (-) 3.25 and (+) 1.5. Same for right and left.

I was a regular soft lens user for the past 8 years till this (+) sighting becomes a distract for me. Using soft lens mean I hardly read anything close to me. I need glasses. A problem that does not occur when I do not use them. This (-) sighting affecting me more than the (+) one.

I need (-) when I drive, watch tv and going out. Rarely that I need (+). That is why I use soft lens just when I go out.

Another problem is when I am at home, no soft lens but I need to use my laptop. Things are blurred in the laptop.

My best friend, an ophthalmologist taught me to wear soft lens with different size in both eyes so that I do not need to wear (+) glasses when I need to read something nearby. I haven't bought another size as directed by her.

Randomly I went to an optic store. Discussing my problem and my needs. It ended with me buying 2 glasses, hahahah. One with (+) for me to wear when using soft lens and one with far below my (-) size to accommodate me while using laptop.

Now I am using the (-) 1.5 glasses while writing this blog and I feel much better than not using glasses. I feel the comfort in my eyes. I think, I might be writing and using the laptop more than before since I will not have any problem while reading in it.

Well, luckily I have no cylindrical issues with the eyes. Can not imagine how people cope with different sighting size once they are over 40.

I was once never care about my eyes. No glasses, no soft lens. Till one day, I drove and I saw that things were blurred a bit. I could net see things properly. That was when I thought I needed to check my eyes. Boom!

It was (-) 3.00 at that time and no more denial for not wearing glasses. To use soft lens were another difficult decision since I had once lost of my soft lens while wearing them and another time was I tore one of my soft lens by accident. Do not know if it was just popping out. I hoped it was not somewhere in my eyes. 

First one was back more than 20 years a go while performing Umrah and returning home in the evening, I realized that I lost one of my soft lens. Phew!

I was a bit traumatic to finally decide to wear them again. But hey, soft lens mean no more judging of people of how I look like (at that time, I concerned more of how I look).

Now, 40+ and married! I do not care of other people's thoughts. I am happy wearing glasses and soft lens as long as I can see things clearly.


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