My Random Thought

You can’t always get what you want…
And it is okay

You can’t always reach what you have dreamt
And it is just fine

You can’t always take control
And deal with it.

Seandainya kita bisa menghitung, apa – apa saja yang gak kesampean, tentunya kita juga bisa menghitung apa yang sudah tercapai.

Somehow, apa yang gak kesampean membuat kita lupa bersyukur.
Padahal bersyukur itu penting, untuk hal sekecil apapun.

Ntah kenapa nulis kayak begini, antara saya lelah atau ntahlah…
Sometimes something hits my mind and I am challenged to write it down.

Perhaps it is just another way to make my blog alive again. Alive with something about life instead of something ...

Back to my life story, saya selalu berusaha bersyukur. It is not easy but once we get there, we get used to it.

I don’t have to show what I have reached and what I haven’t because I believe things happen for a reason. Sometimes we just have to accept things and no questions are asked.


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