What I think About Qatar Airways

Having to fly again with Qatar Airways does thrill me…
I have traveled with the airline back in 2013 from CGK – DOH – IST – DOH – CGK. It was under the old airport – not much about the airport itself besides it was hectic.
How about the service from the best airline in the world? What do you want me to say? It was perfect that I did not see any room for improvement? Instead, I felt that with its recognition, the cabin crew standard was not as expected. I was expecting a smile, truly one. I could feel that they were tired or perhaps under strict schedules that smiling was hard.
Don’t blame me for saying this. I, myself was a flight attendant back then. I could feel if the cabin crew was truly happy or they just pretended to be one,J
Soon, a month from now, I will have my next experience with Qatar. This time, it is gonna be long haul. I am so excited to try the latest fleet of Boeing 787 – 8 Dreamliner. A seasonal quiz hunter must join the Instagram contest ends by January.
Why do I choose Qatar airways? First, it is all about their global promo.  The price was tempting that I hardly resist. But, what I did not like, it was unfair that they provide US dollar for Indonesian website and Malaysian Ringgit for Malaysian website. If Qatar considers Indonesia as one of the biggest markets, then please facilitate us properly.
Second, I must adjust my schedule with the returning of my sister who had bought Qatar at first place. So, I must love her so much that I have to choose Qatar when another airline has offered cheaper price.
Third, according to some people, Qatar offers much cheaper price when we buy multi-city trips. That is what I am going to have a month from now,multi-city trips, thanks to Qatar.

Qatar Airways are still the best airlines in the world. Am I going to be happy with my upcoming flight? Let’s see a month from now…  


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