December and the Memories..

Istanbul - winter time
As the year comes to an end, December always brings back memories. I don’t know if I should say it is a good or bad one.
Two years ago my sister got married in Istanbul. A romantic city at its best, I can say.
There I meet a guy. Well, it wasn’t Istanbul at particular. We first met in Cappadocia. He took me to one of the hills there in the evening looking at the cities below. The truth, I always dreamt of this in the past. So, when he took me in a minus something Celsius, it made me happy.
There we had a cup of hot tea and chit chat before continuing to a restaurant and having kebab. He is such a polite guy, indeed.
Then it continued.. He came to Istanbul after my sister’s wedding. We had one evening together where we got lost around Istiklal Caddesi. It was almost 12 am when we did not know where we were. Going from one corner to another in another minus something Celsius before we finally saw a taxi passed.
Then the day after, we had another full day going to Asia side. It was so random that he had to meet his friends and took me along with him.
All of sudden, he said goodbye on our way back to the hotel in the evening. I did not understand why. He always had different reasons explaining why he left me.  
It was Christmas night – cold and I chose ice cream to cherish my sadness. I was confused if I had to cry or laugh. A cup of ice cream did help.
Since that 2 years ago… Christmas night always means something for me. We are still friends up till now. We rarely say hello. The memories only come on December…
And by this time I can say that I miss Istanbul. It is not him. It is just the city, the weather and the food…

I am pretty sure that anyone can easily fall in love with Istanbul. The city with thousands of mysteries…


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