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You can never push someone to do something he/she does not like. But your persistence may someday open his/her heart

You can never push someone to love you but the very least you can always be there for him/her

You cannot judge the book by its cover but sometimes the cover says all

Your love toward someone will eventually vanish if only you start to sweat on small things

Your enemy is someone who has the time to think about you more than your best friend

Love and hate is a matter of your preference. You can love someone today and hate him/her the other day. The same thing applies to hate.

Though the sign is directing to greater things but bear in mind, use your brain instead of your heart

Happiness lies from the small things around you

Be kind to others and never expect something in return. You would be amazed by the kindness you will receive from the strangers

Stay positive no matter what life has served you

Never let negativity over - power you

Thank those people who have turned you down just like you thank the people who make you a better person 

Love is the key to enjoy life in every situation

Find your passion and you will never complain

Stop complaining for it’s the beginning of stressful life

If you believe in God then life is gonna be full of miracles.


  1. suka quotenya, terutama yang Stay positive no matter what life has served you

  2. asyiiik dah ada quotes banyaaak.. mbok satu quotes satu gambar toh Ikmaarrrrr


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