I Don't Mean to Judge But There I Say It...

Nine years ago I asked the wife of my cousin, why she (is a converted) chose my cousin over any other guys? She replied, I saw him in term of he never leaves the duty to pray five times a day. If he never leaves praying then I believe he would never leave me. Now they are happily married for over 20 years.
Well, I have never agreed to her up till today. The things kept banging in my head thinking some guys who are good in term of religion but still cheating or having other wives.
Perhaps now I see it in different way. Let alone about the guy cheating. Somehow at some points, our lives are ruled by our religion. God is watching us. God forgives us. God bless us. God gives whatever we ask. God is there always for us. Is there any reason for us not doing what is asked to do?
Let’s say, the easy one is praying 5 times a day. Let alone other Sunnah. Just praying! Five times a day, assuming each is around five minute. It means 25 minutes a day but you still have reason for not doing it?
Yes, now I agree with her. At the very least, if someone knows how to thank God by doing what is asked then he knows to treat others well. Perhaps you have your own reason but I believe there is no reason for not respecting the one and only – GOD.
Unless you are a convert, you have no reason to leave God.
He does not need us, we need Him.  
If we remember Him in term of happiness then He will remember us when we are sad. That’s what I believe.
I don’t mean to judge people if he/she is praying or not. It is just my way to remind others.
Back in October, I had my solo trip from Rome to Florence. I stayed in a dormitory room for the first time. I was confused on how to perform my praying. But then God showed me the easiness to pray in the train while traveling.
What I cannot forget. On my way back to Rome, I sat by the window waiting for the train to move. Then a guy came, good looking one, I assume. By the time the train moved, I took my tayamum (ablution using the dust) then I prayed while the guy was reading and sometimes talking over the phone.
I could feel that he looked at me weirdly but I just kept praying. When I finished, I had the chance to look what he was reading. He read something about Christianity, pastoral  - something like that. Ugh, I was shocked at first but then it made me smile. It was just another way God wanted me to experience life.
We can always pray everywhere. As long as there is our intention, He will show us the way. No matter what, where and how.
Unless we do not need Him and think that everything happens without His hand in it, then we have reason to leave this 5 times praying a day.

Of course, you cannot just see a guy /woman if he prays or not but the very least, adding this to your list is somehow a good reason to see how he/she will manage his/her family later on.
Religion is not something you can push towards others. It is within them to have their own responsibilities. May be we can remind others but it is up to them and yet it is up to God if He is willing to open someone’s heart or not. 


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