My Experience with AMAZON.COM

Who does not know The biggest online store I assume. Too bad, this online store is in United States of America. Though, they sometimes ship things to Indonesia but still it cost lots.

Till one day, there were cooking books that i really wanna buy but cost cheaper in Amazon rather than others online book stores that i usually use. I kept thinking but then i realized, hey, why did not I send it to my brother in law to be's address in New York?

Then the searching started. I bought two books and have them sent to US address. I monitored the tracking but when my Sister arrived in NYC, she told me that there wasn't any shipment for her. Tarra! I was shocked.

So I emailed amazon and complained. The response was quick and the customer service told me that they would replace with new books since the missing in shipment is under their responsibility. What? It is such an excellent service. I totally felt not good with their offer so I asked my sister to check with the front desk. Fortunately, this time, the books have finally arrived. Somehow, I did not understand why the tracking stated it was delivered which actually not. OK, that is just fine then as long as my books finally arrived safe.

Again, i wanna send a birthday surprise to my sister in NYC. I bought a bag and sent it to US address. This time the tracking showed who has received my package. So i just told my sister to check with a guy name stated in the shipment form,that's it! And the shipment was faster then their estimated delivery. Yaay.... I am loving it!

Besides my own experience, i have asked a friend of mine who has used this amazon service but the shipment was shipped to Jakarta. She was happy with the services though the shipping fee were more expensive than the books themselves,:(


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