Dear sister

I know i am such a pain for you
I know that i am not a perfect sister for you
I am aware of our quarrel
I understand those envies have left us nowhere
Do you remember some of our good memories? The memories you prefer to forget
It hurts when you just remember the bad ones.
I believe,the good ones have made us like this, have made me writing this awful poem  just because i suddenly think of you.
Wondering what you are doing when 24hrs flight is not enough to hold you, to bite you and to make you angry with me.
I love being an annoying sister, that's how i get your attention
I believe, my annoying attitudes make you missing me.
I am not a perfect sister but my pray always for you,to be a better woman. You are always in my thought though sometimes i hate you so much.
I just hope,despite all d bad things, we will stick together, accepting each others' bad attitudes and always remember all d good ones.
Miss ya sista!


  1. Gw kok berkaca-kaca ya bacanya. Padahal gw gak punya female sibling T_T

  2. ya gtu deh Li,kalo lagi deket berantem,gtu jauhan malah kangen,:)


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