Is someone who considers u as a friend instead of his/her employee
Is someone whom u can talk to when you are happy or sad
Is someone who you can argue with
Is someone you can get angry with but then you forget it easily
Is someone whom you feel comfortable
Is someone who assists instead of blaming you
Is someone who protects you as much as he/she can
Is someone who appreciates a tiny thing you do
Is someone you will always remember even you are no longer working together
Is someone you wish to call and text when days have passed
Is someone you miss after some time
Is someone that push me to write this post voluntarily just because i think that this is another good way, as an employee to say thank you.

Thank you for being my boss
Thank you for the chances
Thank you for teaching me
Thank you for the lessons
Thank you for the opportunities
Thank you for making me appreciate that, a great boss does exist

Good luck to all those great bosses who has hired me as an employee. I believe good things happen to good people like you,;)


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