God and I

Again, God has revealed some other thing for me. It is fun when something is revealed though sometimes d waiting time is killing. Just like me waiting for the charming prince to come. It's been years but i never give up. The pray is always mentioned anytime i make salah and  even on some other time. I believe when the time comes, it will be wonderful.

Ok, this post is not about me finding my soulmate. It is just, i never mention here and other places that i was jobless. Yes,exactly one month i was jobless. My previous company was closed due to no permission for extending the building premise from d landlord. And yes, i had been thinking to have rest at home but i never think that the rest will take a month. I thought i would get another job as easy as before.

The rest was quite enjoying till i realized that i had bills to play, family to support. At that poin, i bombardize myself to send more resumes and God to help me more. I just felt that He is there and He heard me and i was fully confidence that soon all my problems with finding a job would be solved.

Indeed,just exactly a month from me quitting d last job, i was accepted in a new place, with the job listed as 1 of my dream jobs and in a place i have never thought would consider hiring me. Yes, the location is quite far but the job which my passion is i believe will make every other things r not a big deal.

I keep smiling thinking how God works to make everything just about right in timing.

Is there any other reason why i should not believe in Him?

The more i know, the more i get closer and the more i love Him. Sometimes i feel that i have asked lots. Sometimes i feel that i do not deserve things.

Dear God, i thank you for everything..alhamdulillah


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