Who does not love sunday? Everyone loves sunday.
When i was still in school,i always waited for sunday to come
Now i work from monday to friday, though saturday is also my day off, still sunday is a special day for me

What i usually do on sundays? Nothing! Just sleeping, singing, disturbing the people in the house, making myself lazy and those unnecessary things. That is why i prefer to stay home on sundays. I always avoid going out and attending any invitations on this day. If i have to go, surely it is for an unexpected event.

Why i'd rather stay at home? I guess it is just because i have had enough with the *♥* traffic in jakarta on other days. Just simple reason. I do not want to get angry for silly reason. I wanna be in a quite moment, simply making me happy.

Yes, sometimes it is boring, but still, i am bored in my house. I can do many things to overcome any boringness.

And now it is past midnight, means i have to get ready in welcoming monday...


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