Man,Woman and Gay (1)

Just wanna share my experience in the office. I do not generalize what I have observed happen to anyone else.

What do man, woman and gay do in front of the computer in their spare time in the office (playing game is excluded)?

checking facebook, searching for beautiful women-adding them as friends, googling pornography pictures of women, giving comments as if he is an expert, and watching s*x movies in youtube (just because some sites are blocked). This is done openly where they do not care even when a woman coworker sits next to them.

Reading whatever they can read from websites (gossip is 1 of them), checking online shops and have what so call as 'internet window shopping' and perhaps order things when money is available, checking the latest fashion-recipes-anything related with their hobbies and stalking their men.

checking any websites related with gay life, looking for any available boy friends to be (of course they do this in discrete and feeling shy when others know what they are doing) and checking the latest fashion and hairstyle.

Again, these only come from my short time observation and if you do not agree, just let me know,:)


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