In less tthan 24 hours, we will reach the new year of 2013. Many hopes are there for this upcoming years. I usually made some resolutions but not with this one. It will still under the same resolutions just like before. those resolutions that are not fulfilled yet. 

I am aware that some of my wishes have not come to be real, yet. I believe God hears what I have asked Him. It's all just about time..

Time, it is under His own territory. He decides when the right time is. while we,as humans, just have to do our best. 

one thing that i have just learned, thing that i believe not everyone having it. it is HAPPINESS. i ask God to give me happiness, it is what i really need. with this happiness, i believe that those of my un-answered 'yet'  wishes would not make me sad. with this happiness, i would always grateful for what i am having, already had and will have. with this happiness, i can make others smile with such  simple things. with this happiness, no more rooms for sadness and sickness. this happiness will make my life much easier. this happiness will make me have more quality in life.

i know that it seems absurd but hey, it is just me. it is not that i am tired of asking God but i feel that it is about time that i feel happy from now on till the end. 

It is not that I am saying I am sick, indeed, i totally have problems with my body whenever i think about something that makes me stress and I am totally tired with this sickness. I am fighting inside my self, i do not want to get sick easily. sick that makes me weak. I believe that I am strong enough to face anything. it is all about what in my mind is.

so, for whatever has happened to me back in 2012, i am grateful for them....

2013 is another year with many good things to come...



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