Another common review of THE ALCHEMIST

I never knew who Paulo Coelho was till one of my cyber friend Raka mentioned him many times in his tweets. He told me to read Paulo's books where I insisted that I would never like books like that. Finally, I gave up. I'd buy his English version book. I googled here and there then i decided to buy The Alchemist. Ups,wait..wait.. there was other thing that urged me to buy his book. It's just because Paulo Coelho replied my tweet when I mentioned him, lol.

Luckily, that time, my favorite online book store, the book depository sold this book with certain discount with price around 4 dollars something. Perhaps it was $ 4.37.  It took almost 3 weeks when the book was finally arrived safely in my hand. I did not read it straight away, as usual, I'm more to cooking book than this kind of thing. A week later, I opened the book, read it page by page. Okay, it is one good book. 

I'm a Moslem and I'm totally proud with what this religion has taught me and i will get angry if someone says bad things about it. This alchemist from Paulo has mentioned many times about my religion in such a good way. Paulo is a christian and with this book he showed no under estimation to other religions. He wrote about the alchemist who drank wine. Yeah, although alcoholic drink is forbid by the religion but some people still drink it. It is a fact and i don't mind when it is written in the book like this.

Within two days, I finished reading the book. It was something good for me. Why? Because I'm not so into books like this so that 2 days were totally awesome. While reading it, I also shared the story to my mom who is a good listener and promised her to buy the Indonesian version so that she can read the whole story.

Yes, this book is awesome. It is a book that everyone should read in term to find and understand their dreams. Well, I'm aware that some people do not have dreams. They are happy with what they have (just like the baker). It's totally not wrong. It's their choice of living. We have to respect that. But for those who is in search for what he/she really wants, this book is totally recommended.

Now, i get a clear image of what i really want. I knew what i want but i was not brave enough to make it come true... I understand, those obstacles that I've been through were just another way God has given me in term to be succeed *hopefully,:).

I'm getting used to with what maktoub and omen are after reading this book and I have to be more familiar and have deep understanding about this so that I won't waste my time for nothing. But above all, I have to exercise myself in understanding what my heart says. I read the pages about this heart thing many times, again and again but yet it is still difficult for me to understand. I get confused with whether it's the heart talking or it is just my will. But hey, by exercising, i believe i can also manage this. If someone can, that means there is no reasons that I can't.

Well, the truth i just can't wait to buy Paulo's other books. The list is already there, just need to find the right time to buy it *another way of saying that i wait for the books to be discounted, lol*

Thank you Paulo for enlightening me and other people in this world, keep on writing!!

not to forget, thank you Raka for the advices, hohoho.... maktoub!

GBU all!!


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