Restaurant.. *clueless Title

Yesterday I went for Sunday brunch with my family. It's in an hotel area with cuisine specialized from Morocco and India *It's written in front of the gate

Well I'm not gonna write about how the food is. I'll just write it from other perspectives. At the end after my many experiences eating here and there, I can conclude that it's hard to find a good place serving other countries' cuisines.

I can say that place serving Sunday brunch is not serving any good authentic cuisines. It was upsetting specially with the price that high.

I believe the ingredients are the main problem. It's difficult to find ingredients originated from Morocco and India here in Jakarta. Let's say about coriander, yes it's only coriander but coriander from India and from Indonesia has totally different taste.

Even for us here staying in Jakarta, we can not get the same tasteful food from Minang as it is in west Sumatra. I can say the coconut tree that grows in Java island and in West Sumatra has different taste that causes differences in the taste of the cuisines itself.

When i lived in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, i never liked the Indonesian food from the Indonesian restaurants over there. My opinion is because Indonesian food there tasted like Indian food. Again, I believe it is caused by the authentic ingredients.

Whenever my parents visit Malaysia, they always buy huge amounts of Indian ingredients to be cooked at home. I do not know if the products are from India or Malaysia but so far, it has reached our expectations in term of cooking Indian cuisines.


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