Book Depository - Thank You..

I love books... any kinds of books. Having a book that I like has always made me happy. Reading it or not is another thing but I just love seeing those books in the bookshelf.

Started last year, after watching Julie and Julia movie in HBO, I suddenly wanted to have Julia Child's books - Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Then I googled here and there for days till i finally find this online book store with free shipping to Indonesia. Yaayyy.. I was totally happy. But I could not just trust it, then I googled again for its credibility. There were some scary comments from some buyers but I took my chance and ordered from there.

I kept contacting the customer service staff asking about my books just in case the online bookstore was a fraud. But hey, the staff were totally nice and helpful. It took less than 3 weeks before my two books arrived safely in my hands. God, I was so happy.

A month after, my book-shopping desire disturbed my life again. Okay, then I googled as always but it ended up with this or That time I ordered Joy of Cooking By Irma Rombauer. Again, I disturbed the customer service staff by asking about my books and they were still the same nice and helpful staff. Within 3 weeks my book arrived safely in my hands.

My story does not end there...After, i still order books from this online bookstore. This online bookstore also has program *sorry, I forgot the name* where within 24 hours the books are sold in totally cheap discounted prices. The books titles sold are changed every hour, if we are late, some books are sold within minutes. Can you imagine,within minutes? Yeah, I always lost in getting my favorite cookbooks. Most books sold in this program are fiction where at the moment I do not have interest with that kind of books.

Once I remembered, the latest Gordon Ramsay's Christmas cookbook was sold in that program and I was driving. I parked my car by the side of the road and entered my name to buy that book using my mobile but... I was not lucky. Errrr.....

Well, as long as you register with the website, they will let you know in advance about this program. Make sure you stay awake for 24 hours or you will lose your chances. Me? whenever I asleep, I wake up hourly to check if there are any cookbooks on sale,:)

Other thing that I like is bookmark is given when we buy books direct from the website. I guess,  the bookmarks themes are changed monthly.

I always tweet how I like buying from this website and I have influenced my followers to order from there. I hope bookdepository will keep its excellent service with reasonable prices so that we can have more books in our hands.

Once again, THANK YOU..


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