Halal Food

I live in a country where more than 80% of the population is Muslim. As you all aware, we, Muslim, do not eat any food contains pork or liquor.
With the growing of Muslim population all around the world, (I am not saying that we're number one or number two) I guess it's about time that our existence is considered. The truth, I envy when people are more aware about kosher than halal. Why? it's just as simple as because of Jewish population is far below Muslim. Jewish is  prohibited in eating pork-contained food just like Muslim. If Kosher is a consideration in food processing, why can't halal get the same treatment?
As a Muslim, I sometimes also a naughty person, i eat those food without any halal mark in the package,but, i always check the ingredients. I have those lists of flavoring or whatever you call them where pork is within their basic ingredients. It's not a guarantee but I just can't handle my desire into food that I like, specially chocolate.
I hope, totally hope that in the future, sooner, more people are aware about this. Hopefully i can see the sign of halal in most of food packaging...


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