Onde-onde is a sweet dish can be found around southeast Asia. according to wikipedia, this is originated from china back centuries ago.

What I'm going to share is onde-onde from my country,Indonesia.

When we mention onde-onde, this can be described into many kinds. The one you can see below is known as klepon in Java and onde-onde in Sumatera (this same name is also known in Malaysia). I made this one months ago but i totally forgot where i found the recipe.

This onde-onde aka klepon is filled with 'gula jawa' or 'gula melaka (known in Malaysia)'. Gula jawa is also known as palm sugar. When you eat this, the melted palm sugar makes the taste of this onde-onde is completely awesome specially when it is warm.


The other onde-onde is filled with green beans aka kacang hijau. I've never tried making it. I'll sure making this one soon to make my friend Inge in UK happy so that she can also make it over there.

The other onde-onde that I made yesterday, known as Onde-Onde ketawa (smiling onde-onde). Named with ketawa aka smiling because when we fry it, that onde-onde is breaking - making a smile look due to the heat and baking powder used in the batter. I get the recipe from here. This onde-onde does not have any filling inside. It is more like frying bread covered with sesame seed. This onde-onde is commonly found in Solo-Central Java area. There, they sell this onde-onde by weight. I remember when I bought them over there, they were a bit hard-still edible though. This one I made yesterday was so soft even when I ate it this afternoon.


I'm gonna add a bit explanation here, after we mix the sugar and butter till they are soft, we add eggs. It is mentioned that the batter should be risen. Well, actually mine was not rising. Just mix them until it cooperates well. That is just enough.


Just like any other asian dishes/sweets, actually there is no exact amount of ingredients. It depends to our skills and knowledge to know if the batter is good enough and ready to bake or fry. So, when you think the dough is too sticky, just add a bit of flour to get the right consistency. That is just fine,:)


To add, this recipe does not use salt, but me, i always use salt for whatever I cook. So, adding a bit of it will make the taste much better.

As usual, I rarely make the recipe with the full portion. To avoid any failure that might happen, I only made this recipe 1/4 of it which was resulting in 16 medium sized smiling onde-onde.


Okay then, it's now your turn to make it and let me know how it goes.


  1. auw..auw..auw! Thanks for uploading it. I read the recipe used fermipan. Hope I could find it here :S

    Thanks very much once again for the recipe!


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