Mysteriously GOD #1

I am a woman who lives with dreams. Since I was a kid,  I love dreaming, though it's not my hobby.

Traveling around the world was one of my dreams,hmmm..
Once I told my parents that I wanna be a tour guide. "What????", my mom was shocked when she heard this and she totally did not agree.
Okay, this rejection has made me changing my wish to have another kind of profession that aliked them.

Time goes by, I entered university majoring in agricultural engineering. A major that has never came across my mind. I was accepted there because i studied hard during my high school and mostly top ten in the class, well, once i was in the 11th but still it was okay.

I really did not enjoy my college time. The major I was in was something that I was not into it.
I graduated with grade that was not really good but hey, at least i finished it.

When I looked for a job, Mysteriously GOD showed me to join as a flight attendant for international airline based in other country.

It was an easy way God has given me so that i could be one of those flight attendants.
Five years as flight attendant, I have traveled to places that some people would never think of.

Well, I'll share my experiences as a flight attendant in other writing. This writing just want to show that we should never stop dreaming. We just never know when someday it will be real..


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