I love making cupcakes

Everyone loves cupcakes for its appealing look. I love decorating cupcakes. Though some love using fondant, me? i'd prefer avoiding it due to the sweetness that i can't resist.

i love using my homemade butter cream or sometimes cheese cream. i enjoy myself being dirty with the color i use. it's just me back to my childhood moments.lol.

below you can see some of my creations that i've uploaded in facebook. I have some more in my mobile, will certainly look for it and later i'll upload some more.

as usual, i'm welcomed for any feedback,:)

hmmm, do you wanna see some more????

last but not least...tarraaa

okay,that's it for enough....will continue with more pictures when i find them,:)


  1. Nice decoration. Yesterday I was looking for some recipe of avocado but then I ended up on Delia Smith's cupcakes recipe, LOL.

    I might would try making some before Xmas :D

    Thanks for the inspiration :)

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