Marriage life (3)

Discussing who your soulmate is, is a mystery of life!

You can date someone for ages, married for only a couple of months.

You can meet someone for a few days then get married for ages to come.

There is no guarantee which one is better than the others.

But believe me, when he/she is the one, there is no doubt, not a slight doubt about it. 

If you still have a little doubt, perhaps he/she is not the one.

I have known many men in the past but with him (my husband), I found comfort in everything.

He may not be a perfect guy for others but he is just the one that makes my life complete.

Perhaps we fill each other's life in a mysterious way. We have fun while doing our things together. 

We do not need to show things to the social media world because we live in each other’s world in a much exciting way.


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